Here is what people are saying about Money Smarts 4 Kids:


Some comments from campers:

I learned of the wants and needs why we should manage money-Ashley

It was fun to know about a budget and assets. I think I learned a lot about managing money- Maeua

I found the camp interesting. I had a whole different view on earning and spending money-Robert


Here are some comments from a few parents:

It is an excellent opportunity for our son to learn about this subject which for sure he will benefit from in real life- Parent, Ajax

My daughter has been talking a lot about money and asking good questions-Parent, Ajax

My daughter really enjoyed the camp and she learnt new concepts-Parent, Richmond Hill

I would say that they understand more and how to use money more effectively-Parent, Oakville

Instilling the value and knowledge of money and how it works is an invaluable skill that will be carried throughout their lives. It needs to begin at a young age. If you respect money it will respect you.-Parent, Burlington

Excellent program! It went beyond my expectations. If more adults had these money management life skills, we wouldn’t have TV shows like “Till Debt Do We Part” and so many personal bankruptcies. My son will definitely be taking part 2 of Money Smarts 4 Kids. I’m sure I’ll learn something too! Parent, Oakville








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