Financial education and programs where students learn personal finance  in a fun and engaging manner is  an asset to kids, parents and teachers who are  concerned about how kids handle money?43357318-IMG_1814

What the programs are:

Money Smarts 4 Kids programs are an educational resource for schools as well as parents.  Curriculums    for  grades 4 and up are suitable for in-class sessions at schools as well as for full 5-day March Break and Summer Camps and can be customized for special half-day or full day  programs or for private events

All our curriculums meet financial literacy education objectives and are designed around core education standards in a manner that kids learn and retain more.  Course material for Money Smarts 4 Kids- Basic, Money Smarts 4 Kids- Advanced and Entrepreneur Camp are taught by a certified wealth coach and include  metrics for measuring long term changes in behavior.

 43357320-IMG_1450Each program is age  specific and contains games and activities to make learning fun and enjoyable and to engage  motivate, educate, and move participants to action.

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Benefits of the programs:

Kids develop healthy spending habits, start taking responsibility for some of their wants & needs, develop a sense of accountability and start putting money to work at an early age.

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Money Smarts 4 Kids-Basic

Would you like your kids to understand the value of hard earned money?  Money Smarts 4 Kids is an interactive financial literacy program  designed to let kids have  tons of fun as they learn new habits and develop  attitudes towards money that are appropriate for their ages. Games and activities are used to demonstrate important concepts so kids are learning and having fun at the same time!

Some of the topics  that your kids will be involved with  are: the many uses of money, what it takes to earn it, how to save it , how to make it grow and the value of sharing.  Among other things, kids learn the difference between wants and needs, how to  pay yourself first, save early, save often, put your money to work for you, spend less than you make, only borrow when it’s going to make you money, as well as critical concepts such as ethical choices and giving back to the community.

Here is a glimpse of the syllabus:

  • The importance of starting to save at an early age034
  • The many options to save your money (From Piggy Banks to GICs)
  • Wants vs. Needs
  • Developing a simple budget
  • What is interest?  How to earn it and avoid paying it
  • Debt: Various forms of credit
  • Credit Cards: How they work.      Advantages/Disadvantages
  • The importance of a good credit score
  • Savings vs. Investing
  • Some simple forms of investing

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 Money Smarts 4 Kids – Advanced Level

What if you are a kid and your summer camp includes more games like ‘The Stock Market’ for trading stocks, ‘Stepping Out’ to prepare a youngster for starting out on their own, and ‘My First Card’ for reviewing bank services. You’d be ecstatic …right?

This camp gives your kid a glimpse into their financial future.

With all the excitement and fun expected in a summer camp, this program builds on the skills acquired in the basic Money Smarts 4 Kids camp. The Advanced level revisits the basic financial concepts and expands on them so that campers become more knowledgeable about key financial principles and how to use them to make personal financial gain. While having fun, games and activities provide opportunities for campers to gain experience in making financial decisions that they’ll face later in life and helps them to successfully prepare for them.

Some of the new things that kids learn in this camp are:  understanding credit, differentiating between good and bad debt,  how to earn passive income, start and run a business, trade on the stock market, buy real estate and how to build wealth.

Campers are empowered with contests, role playing games and more to keep them engaged and enable them to learn faster. Recreational time, including swimming, is included in the program.

The Money Smarts 4 Kids (Advanced) program is NEW this summer! New games, new scenarios and new excitement.

In addition to a recap of what was covered in Money Smarts 4 Kids basic, the following is addressed in the Money Smarts 4 Kids- Advanced program, all with new games and activities:

  • The Banking systemn 043
  • Loan Investments vs. Ownership Investments
  • The stock market
  • Return on investments
  • Risk Management
  • Net worth
  • Appreciation/Depreciation
  • Taxation

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Entrepreneur Camp 

Have you ever considered starting your own business but aren’t sure where to begin? Or maybe you’re just curious about how a business operates. If so, join us and meet others between the ages of 10 – 15 who also have an entrepreneurial spirit!

This business planning camp is designed to improve business, academic, and life skills through entrepreneurship all taught in a fun engaging manner! Learn how to work in a group and what steps it takes to develop a business. Participants learn from an experienced business professional about topics such as how to structure your business, reach out to your customers, deal with supplies and purchasing, financing, production, and learn the value of sales through marketing.

On the final day of camp, participants present and demonstrate to their fellow campers, instructors and invited family and friends the operation of the businesses that they have researched and developed.

The week also includes recreational pool time, a nutritious lunch daily and participants will also enjoy a wide variety of activities inside the classroom and out.



The Money Game

If you are a teacher or a parent who would like to teach your kids wealth creation principles, The Money Game is for you.


Money Smarts 4 Kids is pleased to be able to make available to you the Creative Wealth Int’l product The Money Game “the revolutionary new financial game where the players are the pieces and the lessons last a lifetime.”

Using The Money Game kids and teens learn:

  • The Secrets of Savings
  • The Basics of Budgeting
  • The Dangers of Debt
  • The Ins & Outs of Investing
  • The Goodness of Giving
  • And So much more!themoneygamegroup_41


For more information and to order The Money Game please click on the link below:



Here is a video from a previously offered summer camp presented by Money Smarts 4 Kids:



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