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Delayed Gratification

Do you want one marshmallow or two?   That was the question posed to a group of four year olds by Walter Mischel of Stanford University. The study has become known as the “marshmallow experiment” and it shows that through

Discuss Advertisements With Your Kids

The average child by some estimates will see more than 20,000 commercials each year. By the time children finish high school, they have spent nearly twice as many hours in front of the television set as in the classroom. There

How to Get Kids to Share!

At home we teach our kids to share their toys and we encourage them to give to others in need but kids can also lend to entrepreneurs! How cool is that? Many of us have no problem giving to a

Kids Are Learning To Manage Money!

Greetings! With the help of folks like you Money Smarts 4 Kids can look back at 2013 and be thankful that more young people than ever are learning to manage money! We have had a great year of March break

Why Your Child Needs a Money Goal!

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine- Brian Tracy. This leading authority on human potential and personal effectiveness also goes on to say that writing down

What about an Allowance?

Whether a parent should give a child an allowance or not is very controversial but experts tell us that using an allowance can give parents and children more control over the children’s finances and it provides an excellent opportunity to

Trying To Save Money? (Part 2)

Whether you are trying to save for yourself or helping your child to start saving, these are great tips to help you through the process. In “Trying to Save Money Step 1” we suggested that you open a savings account.

Trying To Save Money? (Part 1)

Trying to save money can be a bit of a struggle. You have probably heard and tried so many suggestions to start saving money: minimize expenses, monitor how you spend money, make a budget, avoid incurring credit charges and the

When Faced With Making Choices……

You are shopping at the local grocery store and you see a young child pleading with his or her mother for a candy bar, a toy or something else that has caught his or her eye. Tears are running down

Financial Family Day Activities!

Ahh! Family Day, a time to spend relaxing on the couch, taking a nice long walk with the family dog, catching up on a favourite pastime with the family or whatever you enjoy doing – assuming that you don’t have