March Break Camp at Silong International Education -Oakville

Silong International Education-Oakville: 1400 Cornwall Rd. (Unit 18) Oakville, Ontario


Silong March Break 2019  

Silong Money Program

Week of March 11-15,2019

The Silong Money program is designed to help your 12-18-year-old youth understand how money works: how to earn it, keep more of it and to learn how to make it grow. Campers will be empowered to develop good financial habits, make better decisions with respect to money and learn how to build their own personal financial plan.

Some of the topics that your youngster will learn are:

  • The importance of starting to save money at an early age
  • Developing a budget
  • What is interest? How to earn it and avoid paying it
  • Debt: Various forms of credit
  • Credit Cards: How they work. Advantages/Disadvantages
  • The importance of a good credit score
  • Should I buy or lease my car?
  • Saving vs. Investing
  • Investing in Stocks/Business/ Real Estate
  • Setting personal financial goals


For registration, please contact or 416-823-9098

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