About Richard Rainford

037Born and raised in Jamaica, Richard Rainford has never     accepted  the “status quo” and during his career as a financial accountant he always sought to change things around him for the better. Using his experience in finance he founded Money Smarts 4 Kids, an organization that is committed to teaching financial literacy to young people.

Since the summer of 2008, Richard has conducted a number of programs to teach kids how to develop the right attitudes of saving and investing and how to begin the journey of a more secure financial future. He has taught Money Smarts, Camp Millionaire and Financial Wizard at several elementary schools within the TDSB, TCDSB as well as at private schools such as Appleby College in Oakville and more recently at the Richmond Hill Public Library. He has also participated in conferences like: iLITE Intermediate Student Leadership, Journey to Discovery Gifted conferences, and others.

Richard lives in Pickering with his wife and daughter, and is an avid cyclist. When not working or cycling, Richard enjoys reading, watching movies and sharpening his leadership and public speaking skills with Ajax/Pickering Toastmasters.

Richard can be reached at 416-562-0140, or at richard@moneysmarts4kids.com

The website for Money Smarts 4 Kids is: www.moneysmarts4kids.com

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