About Money Smarts 4 Kids

Are you concerned about the way your kids handle money and how they think it grows on trees?

Money Smarts 4 Kids provides interactive programs that teach an understanding DSC00133and appreciation of the value of hard-earned money to kids & teens.

Age specific financial literacy programs engage kids to learn new habits and develop better attitudes towards money. Kids learn how to save, set goals, see their savings grow, take ownership for a portion of their post secondary education, learn about credit, the importance of credit scores and how to use debt wisely.

Using our system kids start taking responsibility for some of their wants & needs, develop a sense of accountability and start putting money to work for them at an early age.

DSC00115One of the guiding principles of Money Smarts 4 Kids is  the old Chinese proverb:”Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

Just like learning to ride a bike, kids learn best by doing.Give your kids a good start and enjoy the ride!

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