Kids Are Learning To Manage Money!


With the help of folks like you Money Smarts 4 Kids can look back at 2013 and be thankful that more young people than ever are learning to manage money!

We have had a great year of March break events, summer camps, various school engagements and 2014 is looking even better. We are thankful to people like you who are interested in our young people’s financial literacy. Thank You!!!

During the summer we offered a free Money Smarts 4 Kids kit and we are pleased that so many parents and grandparents were able to receive the free iCan Save kit and that so many kids were able to benefit from learning the value of money. We have been encouraged by this and the very positive comments that we have received from many of you.

Where do we go from here?

The response to the iCan Save kit was overwhelming. So too were your suggestions. We have listened to your feedback and respond to your wants by offering a money planner for kids: the iCan Save Companion. This one is for kids to use with a bit of help from an adult.

Many kids receive money as Christmas gifts and all too many miss a great opportunity to learn what to do with that money. What if there was a stocking stuffer that was a kid’s money planner? We developed the iCan Save Companion for that exact purpose…a kid’s fun money planner. Have a look here!

We hope that the iCan Save Companion will be the solution that you are looking for this Christmas and we are confident that this will make an excellent stocking stuffer for your little one.

From our home to yours we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Richard Rainford

Money Smarts 4 Kids

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