Summer Is Just Around The Corner!

Summer is just around the corner and many of us are looking forward to those weekend trips to the cottage, or perhaps you are making plans for a family vacation or a summer camp for the kids.

Recently someone said to me that my website: did not have any upcoming events listed on the website and wondered if I was running any summer camps this year.

At first I was a bit defensive as to why my website was not up to date, but I was able to explain that events happen sometimes quite quickly without much notice to have them posted on my website, and quite often promotion of the event is a task that is undertaken by my client. When I thought about it afterwards, I came to the conclusion that there really is no reason that the scheduled events can’t be listed on my website, so I’ll be asking my webmaster to make the changes to my website and add the scheduled summer camps.

Here is the line up of Money Smarts 4 Kids events that are open to the public:

The Wise Steward – St.Paul’s on-the Hill, Pickering. This will conclude on May 29th
Money Smarts 4 Kids- Richmond Hill Central Public Library. July 4,11,18 & 25
Camp Millionaire- Appleby College, Oakville. July 4-8
Camp Millionaire- Appleby College, Oakville. July 11-15
Abundant Wealth- Appleby College, Oakville. July 18-22
Camp Millionaire- Appleby College, Oakville. July 25-29
Camp Millionaire- Appleby College, Oakville. August 8-12

Summer camps should be a time where kids can have a great deal of fun and can make new friends. As parents, we know that kids want to have fun. On the other hand we also know that kids need to learn the value of money, so how does one achieve both these objectives at the same time?

Through games and activities that teach financial concepts, it is possible for kids to learn while they are having fun and to enjoy the summer camp experience as well.

What is important also is that kids have a way to recall what they learnt. How often do we adults attend a workshop or seminar and three weeks later we forget most of what we learnt? Kids are the same, so practical tips and a playbook help to keep the information alive and fresh in their minds and assist in the forming of new habits. All of our camps supply playbooks that kids get to keep.

Look for the above summer camps to be listed shortly on the Money Smarts 4 Kids website.Full details will also be posted.

Have a great summer!!!

Richard Rainford
Money Smarts 4 Kids

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