Are you a Philanthropist?

When it comes to giving to others, one of things most people are afraid of and the reason for not giving to a needy person is that they may take the money to buy booze or otherwise spend it foolishly. As a result, many of us prefer to give to a recognized charity as we open our wallets and purses to help others financially.

It has been said that many of us give out of a feeling of guilt. I believe that! I also believe that if we are not able to give because of our own financial obligations, we also carry around another version of guilt….Guilt out of not helping others that we know are in need.

What if we didn’t actually have to give? What if we were able to help others to help themselves? I personally am a firm believer in teaching a person to help themselves. The old Chinese expression “Give a person a fish you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish you feed them for a lifetime!”

There is a wonderful way to give to others while they learn how to help themselves and this is through an organization call Kiva. Kiva is a micro credit organization that lends money to entrepreneurs around the world to help them to help themselves and they have made it very practical for you to reach out to these folks. They even have a great gift giving idea that I used last year as Christmas gifts. Many of the parents in our family have kids that really don’t need more toys or more clothes and we were at our wit’s end to give something that was of value. We discussed this idea with the parents who just loved the concept and the kids were able to receive a valuable lesson.

So if you want to help others this year consider Kiva. I have created a lending group and you are welcome to join this group if you like. Here is the link:

So don’t be a scrooge when you could be a philanthropist!

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