‘Tis The Season For Giving!

‘Tis the season for giving and kids will be looking forward to receiving all sorts of wonderful toys, games and shiny new stuff!

It’s exciting isn’t it?

While you have their full attention this is a perfect time for kids to learn about making choices and the value of money.Help them through the process of making choices from their list that is probably longer than you care to imagine. We know that our kids are being marketed to in so many ways and we know that their wish list is part want, part got to have and sometimes even just plain wishing. It is a stressful time for them as well as for parents and to them it may appear to be too many decisions to make in order to choose from that long list. So help them determine the importance of each gift and take the time to guide them in their choices.

Kids grow fast and they grow tired of some toys and games even faster, so try to evaluate how much “value” they are likely to receive from an item on their wish list and if they are old enough, encourage a good conversation about this to help them learn the process of making good decisions.

Let’s face it. Toys cost money…sometimes lots of money! Be practical. Don’t overdue the Season. After all the fun and excitement is over, normalcy returns life goes on and the bills have to be paid. That too is a lesson kids can learn from.

Have Fun!

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