Year: 2010

Are you a Philanthropist?

When it comes to giving to others, one of things most people are afraid of and the reason for not giving to a needy person is that they may take the money to buy booze or otherwise spend it foolishly.

‘Tis The Season For Giving!

‘Tis the season for giving and kids will be looking forward to receiving all sorts of wonderful toys, games and shiny new stuff! It’s exciting isn’t it? While you have their full attention this is a perfect time for kids

What Are Your Kids Thinking?

Like learning to ride a bike, developing wealth is a skill that is learned, and kids can learn how. It starts with how we think and this is why scholars of wealth study the wealthy… how they made their fortunes,

Marketing To Kids!

It may be difficult for some kids to save for the future when there is so much “stuff” that they are convinced they must have today. This is not surprising when you consider the billions of dollars that are spent